Midwestern Wildlife Zone Food Plot Mix Sale

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Midwestern Wildlife Zone Food Plot Mixes

May 22nd through June 3rd!


May Birdseed of the Month: No Waste Premium

Our April Birdseed of the Month is No Waste Premium

We are offering

$1 off our 20 lb bags

$2 off our 40 lb bags

Tired of seed shells all over your yard? This is the mix for you!

Cracked corn, White Millet, Wheat, Sunflower Chips, Peanut Pieces, Red Millet, Grit, Corn Oil, Flavor Pac

4-Step Endure Fertilizer Program

Get your lawn into peak, summer condition! Take advantage of our 4-Step Endure Program for a total of $140.99! Endure provides top performance for your lawn. This is the fertilizer the professionals use. Your lawn will look greener and thicker, plus be more durable against insects and diseases. Have questions or need some advice? We can help you through the application process, so you get the best results possible!


Step 1: 19-0-3 with Crabgrass preventer

Step 2: 20-0-3 Weed and Feed OR 18-0-3 with Grub Control

Step 3: 30-0-5 with 2% Iron

Step 4: 10-20-8 Starter/Winterizer Plus

10% Off Case of Pond2O Products

Need to get your pond looking beautiful? Take advantage of our Pond2O Special! 10% off a case of any Pond2O Product.