Free Fall Fecal Testing

We are doing a FREE Fall Fecal Testing!

You can bring in samples from October 4-14th and then they will be sent out to the lab. Samples are one small golf ball size piece of manure from the animals you would like to test. Make sure to label with your name, number and the animals name.

When results come back we will call you to let you know that they are available for pick up in store.

We will have an expert from Merck Animal Health here on two different days to discuss results. Those dates will be announced shortly.

Fall Fish Day

Join us on October 19th for a day of Pond and Fish related sales!

10% OFF Pond2O Products (15% Case discount)

$25 off a 50# bag of Game Fish Chow for the first 10 customers purchasing fish or pond related items

Chance to win a FREE 50# bag of Fish Chow


If you wish to order fish, please preorder by October 12th.

Summer Care Promo

End of Summer

Summer Care Sale

Buy 4 tubs get 1 FREE!

Don’t forget even though it is labeled summer care, it helps horses regulate their body temperature in the winter too!



FREE DELIVERY (within 10 miles)

OR $45 OFF Delivery (>10 Miles)

September Bird Seed of the Month: Gourmet Mix!

20# BAG WAS $23.99, NOW JUST $22.99 ($1 OFF)

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Gourmet Mix Ingredients include: Black Oil Sunflower, Striped Sunflower, Sunflower Chips, Peanut Pickouts, Safflower, White Millet, Red Millet, Nyjer Thistle,

and Soy Oil

4-Step Endure Fertilizer Program

Get your lawn into peak, summer condition! Take advantage of our 4-Step Endure Program for a total of $140.99! Endure provides top performance for your lawn. This is the fertilizer the professionals use. Your lawn will look greener and thicker, plus be more durable against insects and diseases. Have questions or need some advice? We can help you through the application process, so you get the best results possible!


Step 1: 19-0-3 with Crabgrass preventer

Step 2: 20-0-3 Weed and Feed OR 18-0-3 with Grub Control

Step 3: 30-0-5 with 2% Iron

Step 4: 10-20-8 Starter/Winterizer Plus

10% Off Case of Pond2O Products

Need to get your pond looking beautiful? Take advantage of our Pond2O Special! 10% off a case of any Pond2O Product.