Everything you need for your farm or flock.

And by flock, we mean horses, cattle, deer, poultry, wild birds, swine, goats, lambs, deer, rabbits, dogs, cats, fish and any other creatures you care for … because there’s a little farmer in all of us.

Our Country Store

Supplies for your home, pets and farm… with a dash of old-fashioned charm!

Our Mill

Custom mixes, experienced consulting, delivery … and lots, lots more!

Caring for crops and animals is hard work.

Does the idea of caring for thriving animals and growing robust crops seem daunting?

Stumped about which feeds and fertilizers will provide the best solution for your unique situation?

Not sure about when, where and how to use these products?

Looking for a little wisdom and advice?

As it turns out, our employees happen to know a thing (or 20!) about raising healthy animals, growing gorgeous gardens and so much more. There’s nothing we love more than sharing helpful, neighborly advice, like:

  • Our recommended custom bird seed mixes for your feeders (Fanciful Finch, Crazy Clean Chirper Chow and Cardinal Supreme are some of our favorites!)
  • Nutritional plans for your horses from our equine and dairy specialists
  • Tips and recommendations for caring for your 4-H animals
  • The best food for your aging dog
  • How to grow the best vegetable garden in town

A visit to Milan Center

Please stop in and tell us about your latest project. If you happen to be hitting a road-block, give us the scoop!

Here’s how it works:

Our friendly staff will help you figure out the best products to accomplish your goal. Even better? They’ll give you step-by-step direction so you know exactly what to do.

You breathe a great big sigh of relief, confident in your ability to give your crops, garden, animals and pets the TLC they deserve.

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