Specialized Product Lines

Are you struggling to find a solution so unique it feels like you might be the only one in the world trying to figure this out?! Let us help! We routinely dive into specialized product lines with custom solutions & services for our customers. Reach out! (260) 657-5461


Pond Management

Need help developing the right ecosystem for your pond? Milan Center Feed & Grain’s experienced pond care team is ready to help. From knowing which aeration equipment to use, to pond treatment solutions, all the way to weed control and helping you stock it with the right types of fish, we’re ready to help you with all your day-to-day pond management needs. Contact us today!  (260) 657-5461

Equine & Dairy Consults

Whether you’re running a dairy operation or looking to optimize the health and nutrition of your horses, the experienced staff at Milan Center Feed & Grain has a solution. From assisting you in developing a solid plan, to helping with consistent execution and implementation, we’re ready to partner with you. Stop in the store or give us a call! (260) 657-546

Soil Testing

Centered right in the heart of Northeast Indiana’s farming community, and with many of the Milan Center Team Members having firsthand farming experience, we understand the challenges that our customers face every day. That’s why we’re committed to delivering fast, accurate soil analyses that you can rely on to make your most crucial crop management decisions. Talk with us today! (260) 657-5461

Lawn & Garden Consults

Not too many things are as satisfying as a beautiful lawn or garden, but getting there can be a difficult journey with challenging ups and downs. At Milan Center Feed & Grain, our lawn & garden experts are skilled at helping you create beautiful lawns and thriving lush gardens. There’s no need to do it alone. Stop in for all your lawn care and garden product needs or give us a call! (260) 657 -5461 

Forage & Cover Crop Planning

The right types of forage and  cover mixes can decrease weed problems, contribute to healthier animals, and increase the quantity and quality of forage for your livestock. At Milan Center Feed & Grain, we carry a wide array of forage & cover crop solutions for any situation. Stop by the store or call (260) 657-5461 for cover crop and forage options and advice! 

Drive-Thru & Delivery

Running behind or don’t want to come inside the store or Mill? Call in your order at (260) 657-5461, then drive on over and take advantage of our covered drive-thru service lane… we’ll even load it into your vehicle for you. For certain types of orders we also offer delivery services. 

Seminars & Events

At Milan Center Feed & Grain, the success of our friends and community are very important to us. Events like Chick Days or Fish Days, hosting educational workshops on topics like pond care, prepping your show livestock or crop management, are just a few of the ways that we try to give back. Whatever the challenge, we can tackle it together. Check out our events page for more information or contact us today at (260) 657-5461.